2012 in retrospect...

For 2012 I made a new type of new year's resolution.  I chose "one little word" to live by.
My word was LISTEN.

Now that 2012 is coming to a close, how do I think I did?
Well, let's just say it wasn't monumental and I didn't do a slam dunk with it.
But, I must say that this one little word did whisper in my ear during the day
(like a small bird on my shoulder while I was wanting to cut off my child's 10 minute story that made no sense) and wake me up in the night (you know how that goes: you suddenly can't sleep because something is bugging you.  I knew I needed to listen more.)

So did I do better this year at listening to my children, my body and the Spirit?
Well, better than I would have done had I not chosen the word at all.
So I think I can count it as a success!

My new word for 2013 picked me. I didn't pick it.  You'll see...

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Keely said...

Is this an announcement??