Because of Him

It's Easter.
A day to celebrate the resurrection and life of Christ.
Because of Him I can have this little family of mine forever.
I can love, hope and feel peace because of Him.
I'm so grateful and so blessed.

Happy Easter!

a perfect day for a hunt...

The weather this weekend has been perfect!
Cool, crisp mornings- great for playing and watching soccer.
And warm, comfy afternoons- great for egg hunts and yard work.

Between soccer games, an egg hunt, Cafe Rio dining, yard work, the RSL game and bunny business we had a pretty great Saturday!

School Days

 My boys are loving school!
This week was spirit week so they got to dress fun and do crazy things.
Their favorite was Crazy Day...I'm not surprised by that at all.
Their hair got really crazy!

Henry had his Spanish program this week too.
I'm so proud of how well he is doing with Spanish.
And he has some pretty fun friends too!

All is well on the school front.
Only one more month to go!

{Instagram 2014: Week 15}

 {Coloring Eggs}

 {Opening night included a homerun, some doubles and multiple throwouts.  He just may be a baseball boy after all!}

 {We succeeded at hitting and running today, but we need to work on not sitting down in the field and keeping the hat on.}

 {Dancing Divas getting pictures done.}

 {Celebrating our engagement anniversary at the chiropractor.  Trying to get this old man fixed once and for all!}

 {These 2 crazies wanted to shave a stripe in their hair for crazy day at school.  Pretty crazy.}

{The hunt is on.}


EGG-citing April!

Wasn't it just the first day of Spring?
Now it's April, and we are on to Easter fun!
It has been super EGG-citing!

PS- I edited my horrible spelling for the real scrapbook.  The blog can stay imperfect.

Welcome to the family, Abily!

Stella is obsessed with all things baby.
Whenever anyone asks what to get her for her birthday or any other holiday
the answer is always anything to do with a baby.
Yes, she has it all already.
But she just wants more and that's what she plays with most.

My mom got her a new American Girl Doll for her birthday this year.
It's the Itty Bitty Baby.
Stella fell in love immediately.
And proceeded to name her "Abily".
I couldn't break her heart and tell her that was made up and not a real name (despite sounding very Utahn).
So Abily it is!

They are 2 peas in a pod already!


This kid loves him some karate.
He's pretty good at it too.
Pretty soon he'll be taking down his big brother.
...or is that against karate code?


{Instagram 2014: Week 15}

 {This girl loved her little party that included her grandparents, her cousins and doll accessories!}

 {It's about time.}

 {These 2 did 4 loads of laundry, folded and put it away by themselves.}

 {Sassafras headed to dance in her birthday tutu.}

 {Since Swig isn't close I settled for a Yogotogo Peach Coke and cookie.}

{Soccer Picture Day.  Let's hope the real deal turns out better than the practice "smile".}

{Spending a few hours at the dealership on a Saturday isn't too bad when you have Coke, snacks, a play area and the RSL game on!}


{Instagram 2014: Week 14}

 {The stars aligned and this sassy Cinderella and I will be packing for Disneyworld to join some of my family in July!  The countdown is on!}

 {Spring Break Day 1: Natural History Museum and Grilled Cheese Truck}

{My kids got served gummy pizzas with jello drink for dinner tonight.}

 {Spring Break Movie}

 {First t-ball practice.}

 {A fun party for the birthday girl}

{We celebrated this sweet girl all weekend long.}



We partied all weekend for our 4 year old girl!

This girl loves dogs, stuffed ones anyways,
so she picked a puppy party.  We had so much fun collecting dogs over the past few months
to have for the kids to "adopt" at the party.  Most of them were afraid of the doggy face paint and dog ears, but they still had fun playing dog games.

Her friend party was a big success,
and she even had another little party on her actual birthday with her grandparents and cousins.

We all had a great weekend!
Happy 4th Birthday to our Stellie Bean!

{Her preschool poster}


Happy 4th Birthday, Stella!

My sweetest baby girl turned 4 today!
We've been celebrating all weekend.
She has brought us so much joy the past 4 years.
I can't imagine my life without her!


{Instagram 2014: Week 13}

 {Stella Bean gave her first primary talk today.}

 {Dad gave them permission to kiss the new toilet before it's first use.}

 {I gambled with my gut for lunch today.}

 {Stella is a new mom!  Welcome to the family, Abily! Thanks, Grandma!}

 {Breaking boards and taking a bow.}

 {Finally made it to Copper Onion.  It was soooo good!...totally worth it's hype.}

{It was a good day.  Spring Cleaning is done and this girl was ecstatic to get a new pinwheel for the yard.}


Sunbeam Stella

Stella is enjoying her Primary Class at Church.  She's a Sunbeam!
She was asked to prepare a talk for church today.
It was on showing kindness to everyone.
Right away I knew what she needed to mention- The Good Samaritan.
She will watch the video of it over and over again on the Mormon Channel App.
Every time she will tell me the story about how they hurt the man on the side of the road and 
then a stranger comes by to help him.
I sure hope it's all sinking in her cute little brain.  I would love for her to be kind and tender-hearted.

Good Job, Stella Bean!

{Instagram 2014: Week 12}

{James asked if there is private parts in "Naked" Smoothies.}

 {Lucky me to have these three!]

 {My main living area was spring cleaning for 10 whole minutes this week before my kids walked in the door...}

 {Made the mistake of giving this kid a new book to read at 9pm.  I thought he'd do his typical 20 minutes of reading and go to sleep.  Wrong.  He walked into my office at 11:10 and said "done".}

{My girl spends hours in her "office" making pictures for people.  Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of a Stella original of Anna and Elsa.  I love toddler drawings!}

 {Spring Crafting.}

{Neighborhood Swim Party- always a kid favorite!}