Back to School...again.

Time is flying right by.  The summer seemed to slip right through our fingers.
My kids are getting older and I'm losing track of time.
I can't believe Henry will be in 4th grade.  FOURTH GRADE!  Really?  I used to teach 4th grade and those kids were big...and smart...and independent....and started to like girls...it's just crazy!
And James will be gone all day!  My little boy who likes to give me hugs and often falls asleep on the couch in the afternoons...he'll be gone all the darn day.  Unbelievable.
And Stella will be in preschool 3 mornings in a few weeks.  My baby.  Mommy's little errand buddy.
But no longer.  I will have a few hours of free time most days to get stuff done.
It will be so nice but it's also just a little sad and a lot nuts to think about.

They are back to school.  Again.  For reals.

I'm just happy that we love our school and the kids both have great friends in their classes!

First Day of the last year of Preschool!

She is so full of sass and so much fun!
My sweet girl is off to school!

Stella is loving school and especially Miss Evelyn!
She wants every day to be a preschool day.
I always get to hear about who got in trouble and who earned a sticker on our way home.
I'm so glad she is happy and loving preschool!

HAPPIEST campers on earth!

Labor Day weekend was so much fun,
spent in one of the most beautiful places,
with a great group of friends and neighbors.

I could go on and on about the fun my kids had in the great outdoors,
but the pictures show you it was a child's paradise.
The best thing about this campground was that we had our own private loop with a wooded forrest for the kids to explore....without a care in the world.

Heavenly, I tell you.

We rented a tent trailer and my feelings about camping were redeemed.
Except the fact that the heater wouldn't work and the nights were freezing.
It just made the trip so much easier- a place to put everything and a spot to go when it was raining.
I can't wait to get one of our own and take advantage of all of the beauty around us!

{Pond Family Pictures}

This past weekend was a once in a lifetime experience.
The Pond family was ALL together in one place.
...for possibly the last time in forever.

Quinton, the oldest grandchild in Preston's family, received his mission call a few months ago and is headed to the Japan Tokyo South Mission in a few weeks.  He had his farewell on Sunday, so everyone gathered to come and see him speak (his talk was amazing by the way and he is SO ready to go.)

The reason this may be the last time we are all together is because from here on out it seems as though a grandchild will be gone on a mission or away at college or be married with children.
So...this one was the one chance to get a large family picture of the original Nick and Janeen Pond posterity.

We hired Jeni Boston to do the job and I'm thinking the pictures will turn out great.
The location was so, so beautiful and the kids were in great spirits.
I haven't received Jeni's pictures just yet, but these are a few I snapped with my camera while we were there.

We were able to have an adult dinner and chat, while the kids were at another house eating pizza and playing the night away.  It was a fun weekend reminiscing and being with family.

I can and I will.

The theme of this year's NDPA run was "I can and I will".
And they did.

It was a great race and a really fun time!


{Instagram 2014: Week 34}

{A successful Sunday consists of Grandma and Grandpa coming over for dinner, chatting with us adults and then playing with the kids to get all of their cooped up energy out.}

 {Happy 9th Birthday to the oldest Pond Offspring!}

 {Big Girl Problem #1: When your friend is skinnier than you and the teeter totter just won't work.}

 {Stella is officially bobbin'.}

 {Off to camp the long weekend away with these crazies!}

 {We fell in love with tent trailer camping and the Uintahs this weekend!}

{Instagram 2014: Week 33}

 {Back to School dinner and FHE complete}

 {First Day of School!}

 {Pillow Paradise!  First grade is exhausting!}

 {I spy the Ogden Temple.}

 {Can I just say that I love my days with just my girl before she starts preschool next week?}

{These boys got to get checked out of school early today to have a day at Lagoon for Henry's birthday.  The morning was perfect and the afternoon was soggy, but they got every ride in and loved it rain or shine.  This picture was as we left for the day and even our underwear were soaked! :)}

{Never a dull date night with the Fun Bunch: Cafe Mazza and Gilgas Park}


{Instagram 2014: Week 32}

 {16 hour drive home today.  Ain't nobody happy about that.}

 {Cheers to 6 and a half years!}

 {The countdown is on and we are squeezing as much out of summer as we can.}

 {We gained our love of Leatherby's from the very best!  Happy Birthday, Nick!}

 {"How do I get UP on these, Mom?!?!"}

 {Summer's End Snowcone Stand}

 {Celebrating a big win with Kona Ice!}

{Instagram 2014: Week 31}

 {Geocache Addicts geocache on vacation}

 {This is how we roll in Hamilton, Missouri.}

 {Happy Campers in Grandma's Yard at 10pm.  Not so happy with the 6am rain wake-up call.}

 {Morning run to the bakery and visiting Granny finished off our Missouri adventures.}

 {Donut Run.  Ran 4 miles with my sister to the donut shop.  I hate running but that donut was worth every step.}

 {Adults Night Out.  Kids Night In.}

{Stayed in Kansas an extra day to enjoy the sunshine, the Tuttle Puddle and the time with my sisters.}

{Instagram 2014: Week 30}

 {Summer Fun Camping at South Fork}

{Hot and Hungry Hikers at Waterfall Canyon}

{Celebrating Kinsey at Twigs}


 {When you are bored in the dressing room with mom...}

 {Loaded and off on our 14 our road trip for the day!  Heading to Missouri.}

 {All checked in and ready to party for the Lund Reunion in Branson!}

{Duck feeding at dawn.}

{Instagram 2014: Week 29}

 {Celebrating our 14th anniversary in the hubby's favorite place- the mountains.}

 {Hiking Donut Falls}

 {A super hot summer day called for the Hill...and a peach coke...and frozen yogurt.}

 {A beautiful day at Snowbird!}

 {Bid farewell to our cousins today- Stella misses her Buddy!}

 {Stella is loving her new loft bed!}

{Angie made it at midnight last night to get up early this morning to run Skirt in the Dirt with me.  It was a beautiful trail run with a little bit of water, a little bit of dirt and lots of fun ladies!}