EGG-citing April!

Wasn't it just the first day of Spring?
Now it's April, and we are on to Easter fun!
It has been super EGG-citing!

PS- I edited my horrible spelling for the real scrapbook.  The blog can stay imperfect.

Welcome to the family, Abily!

Stella is obsessed with all things baby.
Whenever anyone asks what to get her for her birthday or any other holiday
the answer is always anything to do with a baby.
Yes, she has it all already.
But she just wants more and that's what she plays with most.

My mom got her a new American Girl Doll for her birthday this year.
It's the Itty Bitty Baby.
Stella fell in love immediately.
And proceeded to name her "Abily".
I couldn't break her heart and tell her that was made up and not a real name (despite sounding very Utahn).
So Abily it is!

They are 2 peas in a pod already!


This kid loves him some karate.
He's pretty good at it too.
Pretty soon he'll be taking down his big brother.
...or is that against karate code?


{Instagram 2014: Week 15}

 {This girl loved her little party that included her grandparents, her cousins and doll accessories!}

 {It's about time.}

 {These 2 did 4 loads of laundry, folded and put it away by themselves.}

 {Sassafras headed to dance in her birthday tutu.}

 {Since Swig isn't close I settled for a Yogotogo Peach Coke and cookie.}

{Soccer Picture Day.  Let's hope the real deal turns out better than the practice "smile".}

{Spending a few hours at the dealership on a Saturday isn't too bad when you have Coke, snacks, a play area and the RSL game on!}


{Instagram 2014: Week 14}

 {The stars aligned and this sassy Cinderella and I will be packing for Disneyworld to join some of my family in July!  The countdown is on!}

 {Spring Break Day 1: Natural History Museum and Grilled Cheese Truck}

{My kids got served gummy pizzas with jello drink for dinner tonight.}

 {Spring Break Movie}

 {First t-ball practice.}

 {A fun party for the birthday girl}

{We celebrated this sweet girl all weekend long.}



We partied all weekend for our 4 year old girl!

This girl loves dogs, stuffed ones anyways,
so she picked a puppy party.  We had so much fun collecting dogs over the past few months
to have for the kids to "adopt" at the party.  Most of them were afraid of the doggy face paint and dog ears, but they still had fun playing dog games.

Her friend party was a big success,
and she even had another little party on her actual birthday with her grandparents and cousins.

We all had a great weekend!
Happy 4th Birthday to our Stellie Bean!

{Her preschool poster}


Happy 4th Birthday, Stella!

My sweetest baby girl turned 4 today!
We've been celebrating all weekend.
She has brought us so much joy the past 4 years.
I can't imagine my life without her!


{Instagram 2014: Week 13}

 {Stella Bean gave her first primary talk today.}

 {Dad gave them permission to kiss the new toilet before it's first use.}

 {I gambled with my gut for lunch today.}

 {Stella is a new mom!  Welcome to the family, Abily! Thanks, Grandma!}

 {Breaking boards and taking a bow.}

 {Finally made it to Copper Onion.  It was soooo good!...totally worth it's hype.}

{It was a good day.  Spring Cleaning is done and this girl was ecstatic to get a new pinwheel for the yard.}


Sunbeam Stella

Stella is enjoying her Primary Class at Church.  She's a Sunbeam!
She was asked to prepare a talk for church today.
It was on showing kindness to everyone.
Right away I knew what she needed to mention- The Good Samaritan.
She will watch the video of it over and over again on the Mormon Channel App.
Every time she will tell me the story about how they hurt the man on the side of the road and 
then a stranger comes by to help him.
I sure hope it's all sinking in her cute little brain.  I would love for her to be kind and tender-hearted.

Good Job, Stella Bean!

{Instagram 2014: Week 12}

{James asked if there is private parts in "Naked" Smoothies.}

 {Lucky me to have these three!]

 {My main living area was spring cleaning for 10 whole minutes this week before my kids walked in the door...}

 {Made the mistake of giving this kid a new book to read at 9pm.  I thought he'd do his typical 20 minutes of reading and go to sleep.  Wrong.  He walked into my office at 11:10 and said "done".}

{My girl spends hours in her "office" making pictures for people.  Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of a Stella original of Anna and Elsa.  I love toddler drawings!}

 {Spring Crafting.}

{Neighborhood Swim Party- always a kid favorite!}

{Instagram 2014: Week 11}

 {What's it going to be like when he's a teenager?}

 {Fun night watching the Bachelor Finale with friends.  Juan Pablo was awful but these ladies were one thousand percent hilarious AND I won the final rose trophy!!!}

 {Post Dentist Date with my Sweet Tooth}

 {Cutest Cowboy in the County!  We had a rootin' tootin' good time watching James in his Kindergarten Program.}

 {Jarred a few salads for my lunches, then proceeded to dry heave when I opened them to eat them.
Not a success for me.  I guess I'll stick with Coke and Cheezits a little longer.}

 {The view from my house can be pretty spectacular.}

{She's turning 4 soon and is busy naming her dogs for her birthday party.}


{POND life}

I had to document the random, almost daily, events in our lives.

Life is busy and chaotic and stressful,
but life really is good.

Soccer. Soccer. Soccer.

Soccer has become our life lately.
This kid loves it most days.
He only doesn't love it when he wants to be better than he is at the moment
or when he doesn't get to play the position he wants to play in the game.
That can be frustrating.
But, he works hard and has fun. And sets goals.  That makes me happy.
I'm excited to see how he progresses over the next few years.
I'm hoping to live out my childhood again
and travel to tournaments to watch him play.
I love a good hotel bed, eating out and watching sports!

Yeehaw, Cowboy!

Last night we got to attend James' kindergarten program.
It was all about cowboys and really, really cute.
The performance was 20 minutes- perfect!

My favorite part was watching him swing dance with his cute partner, Kaitlyn.
James is pretty quiet at school so it was fun to see him going for it!
After the program he wasn't so quiet about wanting his favorite, Cafe Rio.
So, we celebrated!


the latest

Remember how I bought a new camera and have failed to take pictures?
Oops.  I will work on that.

Here's a few camera phone pics of our happenings lately...

 We saw Frozen for the third time.  This time it was at the $2 theater with yummy popcorn and cold-in-a-mug Coke...pleasant.  Plus, it was a cousin outing...bonus. Stella wants to see it again.  Of course.

I fell in love with Peach Coke (Coke with pureed peaches in it) while visiting Swig in St. George in January.  Now the drink huts are popping up left and right, but still too far from my house.  We spotted the Swig colors in Bountiful this week- just 15 minutes away.  Just far enough that I can't have it EVERY day. Good thing. Coming soon!  

I want to put one of these stands together.  I always have crap laying around that needs to be donated, delivered, gifted or returned.  I just really need a mud room to put this sucker in.  

 Stella can't stop talking about her upcoming birthday.  It's just over 3 weeks away.  We are planning her party. Every time we go to Sam's Club (which feels like every other day lately) she rides this trike around and says she wants it for her birthday.  Grandma?

 There is a new subdivision going up down the street from us.  I went with my friend to the model home to check it out.  I'm loving this bathroom/mud room tile.  The grout can never look dirty when it's already brown, right?  Now I just need that mud room.  

 Henry had his last basketball game this past weekend.  He got better and better with every game.  He's still playing soccer constantly too.  Preston and I had a talk this past week about our kids and sports.  We are happy that they play sports, but the best part is that they don't love it all of the time.  I know that sounds strange, but when Henry was struggling with soccer last week (wants to score really bad but doesn't play a scoring position) Preston said, "This is why I want our kids to play sports.  This is life.  He has to be uncomfortable and figure it out."  I'm so glad we are on the same page.  I learned so much from playing softball and I hope my kids have a growing experience too.

I started "oil pulling" this past week.  It sounds really strange.  I hate coconut but coconut oil doesn't really taste.  I'm hoping for whiter teeth and fresher breath.  
If you want to try it, read about it here.