{Instagram 2014: Week 28}

 {We focused on the journey and made magical memories to last forever!}

 {These 3 are happy to be back together again!}

 {If getting numbed and yanking a tooth counts as losing your first, then James did so today.}

 {Snuggling Selfie.  Don't want to face the day just yet.}

 {Celebrating a win and a slam dunk!}

 {Our Say cousins are here!  We beat the heat, haze and snakes and hiked Ensign Peak.}

{James was part of the Dream Team for RSL.  We were dreaming of a win but settled for a tie.}

{Instagram 2014: Week 27}

 {And away we go to Disneyworld...just me and my girl!}

 {Let's do this.  Our group at the bus stop on the first day.  We decided to call ourselves the 8 Magic Bandits since this was our first time using the new magic bands.}

 {It was a very royal night at the ball with Grandma, Grandpa and all of the princesses in Cinderella's Castle!}

 {Catching an elevator---the Tower of Terror--- but first, let us take a selfie.}

 {Everyone's first time riding 7 Dwarfs Mine Train}

 {We cheated in ponchos on Splash Mountain and cooled off with a Dole Whip instead.}

 {We rope dropped Animal Kingdom and got everything we wanted done in 2 hours...it sure helps to go with a Disney Diehard!}

{Do you wanna build a snowman?...we sure did at the Frozen exhibit!}


Plan B 4th of July

For the past 5 years we have had the tradition of going to Sil's Cafe at 7am on the morning of the fourth of July, and following it up with the Kaysville Parade at 11am.
Well, we woke everyone up early this morning to meet the Ayalas at Sil's and they were CLOSED!
I guess they wanted to celebrate too.
So we headed to Moon Dog's Cafe for breakfast, where we got similar food- omelets and scones and chocolate chip pancakes.  But, the service was so much better and there was hardly anyone there!
It was a win/win.  We also decided to change up our parade plans.  We've disliked the Kaysville Parade ever since we started going but just never knew what else to do- well, we hit the Centerville Parade...and let me tell you, we will be doing that again.  We pulled up at 8:45, parked on the street, walked a couple blocks, and set up our chairs right on the parade route.  There was the nicest cop who talked to the kids and even gave them a tour of his police car.  The parade promptly started at 9am, while it wasn't scorching hot outside.  We got to see Old Glory, honor those serving in the military, see actual parade floats, catch candy and otter pops, and were packing up our stuff before 11am.  One stop at 7-11 for Slurpees and we were home and resting up for our evening festivities. 

Now I just need to shout on top of my coffee table the words to "I'm Proud to be an American" and my 4th of July 2014 will be complete!

{Instagram 2014: Week 26}

 {Our Kendama King- he's always practicing.}

 {A James Sandwich with a Davis on each side- just the way he likes it!}

 {We believed that we would win, but we didn't.  Loving watching the World Cup!}

{We be jammin'.  The kids only eat homemade jam at this house.}

 {July 3rd festivities.  We are so glad we have friends that treat us like family!}

 {Our traditional breakfast at Sil's Cafe was moved to Moon Dog's.  It was still delicious and fun, bright and early with these patriotic peeps!}

{This week was complete with a Minnie Mouse Trap.  Stella took Minnie for a ride on the treadmill and the belt sucked her right up.  I was very mad, but Preston came to the rescue- he got Minnie out and the treadmill is still in working order!  Phew.}


{Instagram 2014: Week 25}

 {Sunday Night dinner and waffles at the Beach house.  Love their new kitchen!}

 {I love finding Stella's signature and artwork all over the house.  Now if I could just find our 4th missing child.}

 {Midnight Muffin Making}

 {These boys loved soccer camp all week!}

 {USA watch party over the lunch break!}

 {Stella was full of adventure at the ward campout}

{1st soccer tournament. 2 goals. 3rd place.  A beautiful day in Eden!}



We had a great Father's Day weekend!
It started off by doing Preston's favorite thing...a campfire in the mountains!
We invited friends up to Mueller Park and had a yummy BBQ, the kids played and played at the campsite and in the stream and the adults chatted.  The weather was perfect and the sunset on the way home was breathtaking!

On Father's Day I made breakfast....that's a pretty big deal because Preston is usually the breakfast maker.
After church the kids had Preston open his gifts.  It was mostly clothes because he's in desperate need of new ones!  They were really excited to give him his mints (they like those too) and the cute homemade notes they made.

That night we went out to Tooele to visit Preston's family and celebrate with his dad.
We had another delicious meal, lots of family talk, a World Cup win, and gave Preston's Dad his Father's Day gift...

I think since Father's Day included the mountains, a campfire, World Cup soccer, treats and the kiddos, Preston would call it successful!

Happy Father's Day!

{Me and my sisters with our Dad in Tan-Tar-A...maybe 1985}


{Instagram 2014: Week 24}

 {We love the "pops" at church & I love these little helpers.}

 {We made this missionary map for Preston's dad to put a pin for each person in the family who serves an LDS mission.}

 {Got our Olaf shirts and Disney Magic Bands in the mail today!  18 days until WDW!}

 {Sent my boy off to his first Scout camp}

 {No need to turn on the TV, we have our own World Cup going on in the backyard.  I love that my boys get inspired by all of the World Cup talent and excitement!  Preston painted their field this week and they are loving it!}

 {"The Comeback Kids" went from last place to 2nd place this season.  What a team!}

{In preparation for the USA vs. Portugal game tomorrow, this kid requested a flag haircut.}


SUPER swimmers

Swimming lessons was a great way to start off the summer!
The kids begged to go back each day and learned so much!  I love that they are all comfortable in the water and capable of getting themselves to the sides of the pool if they fell in.
We are ready for a wet summer!


{Instagram 2014: Week 23}

 {We were blown away by Dad's molten chocolate lava cakes & homemade cherry chocolate ice cream!}

 {We attempted to hike Lake Mary but we hit SNOW, so we headed to the boardwalk of Silver Lake instead.}

 {We spent hours out in the sun today- swimming lessons, arts in the park, cherry hill and back to back baseball games.  It was a perfect day!  I love to watch my kids play!}

 {James downed a few chicken kabobs for dinner tonight and exclaimed, "These are soooo good but I don't like the grass".  That would be rosemary, son.  They are sooo good.  Recipe here.}

 {2 outs. No one on. Bottom of the 3rd.  Tie game.  James gets a base hit & his teammate hits  him in to score the winning run of the championship game!  We were so proud of our MVP!}

 {My view hiking in Farmington Canyon....kids, kids and more kids!}

{Celebrated great dads, good friends and the beautiful weather in the mountains over Father's Day weekend.}


Mountain Hikers

We live in Utah and feel like we don't make it into the mountains very often.
So this summer the kids and I are hoping to go on a hike each week.
They love to explore and it's good exercise and fresh air for us all.

We started last Friday with the Waterfall Canyon Hike near Ogden, not too far from our house.
Janelle insisted it was "easy" even though my hiking book listed it as "strenous".
I would call it "moderate" due to lots of steep and rocky terrain that we literally had to climb up.
The kids, honestly, did not complain for any of the 3 miles.  They were super hikers!
And we couldn't beat the big reward at the end....the beautiful waterfall and amazing view of the Ogden Valley.

Today we met up with the Beaches to hike to Lake Mary near Brighton Resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was a blast from the past since I remember frequenting this area as a teenager.
But, we got stopped by SNOW!  We didn't make it to Lake Mary but we were able to head to Silver Lake nearby and walk around the easy-going boardwalk.  It was a beautiful day in the mountains!

We hope to keep the tradition going and see a lot more of the mountains this summer!