"Gotta go back, back to school again!"

It happened.
All of my kids are in school.
It's only kindergarten, I know.
But I do get 3 hours of uninterrupted me time.
Well, I truly spend it cleaning, cooking, emailing, volunteering, shopping, doing laundry, but still…
it's just me, getting the things I need done DONE.
I'm loving it.
And missing my shadows.
We've had a great, great summer.
The best one yet.
They are all at great ages…the love me and want to be with me, but are also independent and easy.
I've been begging for these days for years, and they are here!
We have arrived.

Day one went off without a hitch.
We love our school, our friends and our teachers.
Let's hope that continues.
And that my 3 hours of aloneness continue to be productive.

I love these kiddos!  


Mushbir Nidhal said...

Nice post, Thank for sharing..........

PeavoyMom said...

Hey, I'm friends with one of your friends and I used to stalk your blog. I miss it. Your pics were always cute and your posts were always fun. Hope your family is well.

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