Viva La Roca!

Preston and I have talked and talked about "one day" when we get to travel for our kid's sports activities.  We grew up playing competitive sports so we are just excited for our kids to have those experiences like we did.  The time has come!  Henry's team had their first out-of-state tournament in Las Vegas over President's Day Weekend.  It was so much fun and the boys played awesome!  We were worried because it's a huge tournament with lots of teams from southern California that are really good....but La Roca rocked it!  Our games were played on Friday and Saturday, and then we weren't sure if we had made it to the semi-finals on Monday, so we had to stick around and sightsee on Sunday.  It was a good thing we had Grandma and Grandpa Lund and the Morbys to play around town with!
It was a great break from Winter in Utah (which hasn't really been too shabby), and we always love a good getaway with food, fun, family and friends!!!

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