Every day is a Saturday...


Today we are mourning the fact that my mom and dad/grandma and grandpa have departed.
We had 2 blissful weeks with them that we didn't want to end.
Honestly, my kids have never been so happy and my life has never been so easy.
3 adults and 3 kids all day long makes life pretty simple.
I even commented to Preston a few days into them being here that I had never seen James so happy.
He was outgoing, chatty and upbeat when he's usually a bit mopey and whiney throughout the day.  Well, I think he was finally getting the love and attention he needed- that just one momma with 3 kids can't provide all of the time.


My dad played Pokemon and Legos.
My mom played store and babies.
They cooked for us, did house projects for us, took us out for lunch & dinner and spoiled us with prizes.
I went running at 8am- which may not sound like a big deal to you, but to me it was huge!  My mom stayed home and held down the fort- dressed the kids, fed them breakfast AND got Henry out the door for school-  teeth-brushed, backpack in hand and kissed on the cheek.

My kids felt the love and so did I.
 In the words of my dad, "Every day is a Saturday when you are retired". 
Well, "Every day is a Saturday when Grandma and Grandpa are around"!!!
 Come back soon! We are ready for round 2!

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