Picking our Pine!

Even though every kid has been sick with a fever & cough,
and even though I only got 3 hours of sleep after Black Friday,
we still were all excited to head out on our annual tree hunt on Saturday!

It started off with a yummy lunch with our friends, The Posts.
Every year they are so kind to us and wait in line for a tree tag for us.
It's the best $10 we could ever spend and never want to stop this tradition!

The hunt was a little slow going this year.  We just couldn't seem to find the perfect tree.

Henry hoped for a huge one...
but our ceilings are only 8 feet.

James picked ones with bare branches...
but we needed something to hang our ornaments on.

Stella refused to walk in the snow and wasn't even aware that we were hunting for a tree...
but we had to press on and find one to adorn our living room.

This is what sick kids on a tree hunt looks like...

Finally, we found a keeper- tall, dark, skinny and handsome (just like my hubby ;) )!

He was too busy carrying our big baby around so Henry and Jake had to haul the tree back to the truck...


The Posts found a good one too (and have much taller ceilings than us)...

No tree hunt is complete without sledding...



They were all smiles to have daddy push and pull them around on the sled.
And I was on smiles when we went to warm up with hot chocolate and pie.


Tia Schmitt said...

Charlie Brown would be proud!

Keely said...

I would love to see the Posts driving down the mountain with that humongous tree mounted on their vehicle.
Would love to actually see Grampy and Grandma on a Saturday:)