Happy Birthday, Baby!


My sweet and sassy little Bean turns 2 today!
We were planning on a trip to the zoo because she loves animals,
but it's a freaking blizzard outside the windows right now, so we aren't braving that.
Guess what? It was a blizzard the day she was born too!
I'm over the snow, but I am not over this little girl.
She brings more joy into my life than I could ever imagine...
Somedays I tell myself I better stop kissing her every 10 minutes.

A few things I don't want to forget about her turning 2...
- She always thinks I'm "tittling" (tickling) her when I get her dressed. She giggles and puts her arms at her sides the whole time. She is super ticklish.
- Her latest obsession is "Daddy's Boo Ban" (daddy's blue van). She wants to ride in that dirty, old thing from sun-up to sun-down. I'm not sure why, besides that she really loves the driver.
- I know it's Easter time and hard-boiled eggs are everywhere, but this girl can eat a whole hard-boiled egg with every meal and snack any time of year. I think she's addicted to the "golden nugget of nutrition" (does that counteract all of the fruit snacks she eats?).
- James adores her. He follows her around and talks to her in baby talk. "Stellie, want a dolly?". When she cries he's the first one to run to her and tell her, "You okay, Stellie". I even caught him telling her, "You the sweetest thing, Stellie" (I think he's been listening to me).
- Her hair is getting so long- she can rock the braids, ponies and curly-do like a 5 year old.
- The tractor is her latest g0-t0 for outdoor activities. She's okay behind the wheel or being buckled next to one of her brothers for a crazy joy ride.
- She thinks that life is too fun for naps anymore. I still make her take them most days, but she knows when I take her in her room for an after-lunch diaper change that usually that means naptime...so the second I lay her down to change her diaper she smiles at me and over and over again says, "Play? I play? Play? I play?"...already trying to weasel her way out of a rest.
- She's always the first of any of my children to say "neat new" (thank you). It's sad that she has better manners than her older siblings.
- My favorite activity of the day is family scripture study. My boys take turns reading a few verses and then it's Stella's turn- Preston or I read a few words to her at a time and she repeats them- hearing a little one read the words from the scriptures is so funny and so sweet! I get teary-eyed almost every night because it's so tender and yet so hysterical!

Happy 2nd birthday, Stella!
You are TWO cute!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Stella! two already!

sarita said...

Happy Birthday, Stella!
I love the scripture idea. Davis usually just wreaks havoc during that time of night but tonight I tried to involve him the way you shared with Stella and it worked better!
Thanks for the tip.