Fondue Fun

We had a fun Valentine's Day!
The kids thrived on passing out their cards to classmates and friends.

Stella was the sweetest little lover ever.
She kept saying, "Happy Valentine's" and offering me smooches.
Here she is in action...
She was distracted by the phone and kept saying "I see"....she loves to see herself on the video.

My hubby surprised me with flowers and a nice, nice card...
He fails at contractions using "You're" but he got 100% on the beautiful flowers and note.

I made heart-shaped pizzas again with homemade dough from the breadmaker my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.
It's this one and I LOVE it! I have used it 3 times this week already. It gives you great dough or bread with NO mess....my dream come true!

After dinner I made some chocolate fondue and let the kiddos dip away.

Henry wanted to build chocolate snowmen...

Stella just wanted to scoop spoonfuls of chocolate, no dippers needed...

And James was the more sophisticated dipper...

It was a delicious end to a lovely day!

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