Goodbye three, hello four!

We celebrated James' birthday on Saturday,
and it was a party from sun-up to sun-down!
The day started with James' favorite "donuts", bagel bites from Einstein's Bagels.
He was happy to wake up to these.

We loaded up into the van and picked up 3 friends to party with.

They jumped the morning away at Get Air.
Their favorite was dodgeball and jumping into the pit.
They were quite the cute and happy bunch! It made for an easy day!
We filled their hungry tummies at Cafe Rio (James' pick) then headed to Menchies for a treat.
The time with friends was up, but we headed home to continue the celebration.

James popped his 4 birthday balloons that each had a dollar in them.

We sang to him, he blew out the candle and got another treat (why not?...it's his birthday).

He opened presents and played with his brother...

Stella, Preston and I all napped because we were exhausted from the day's events,
but James and Henry just kept playing with the new toys.

The night ended with their favorite babysitters coming over
and Preston & I going to a Valentine Fondue Party.
James did say, "Babysitters do NOT come on my birthday",
but I think he was just tired and sugar-filled because he had a great time with them.

Happy #4 James!
Good riddance to 3.....that was a hard one.

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