We carried on with our annual tradition of cutting down a tree in Wasatch County with our friends, The Posts, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

This year didn't disappoint.
Last year my camera lens busted, so I was happy to have a functioning camera to capture the experience.

Stella was happy to hitch a ride through the snow...

James was in heaven hiking through it all by himself...

We only had to go a little ways down the mountain to find this winner...

Preston waits for this moment of glory all year long...

The Posts picked a nice, tall one for their living room...

Henry's favorite part of the journey this year was taste-testing the snow...

There's something about this tradition every year that makes me incredibly happy.
I hate being cold, and I'm not much of a hiker,
but having my little ones, my hubby and our best friends in the mountains makes me feel complete.
As I climbed up the last part of the hike to this site, I couldn't help but become a little teary-eyed...
These are my treasures.

We loaded the tree (and Stella)...
...sledded a bit, filled our bellies and headed home to deck the halls.

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Davenport family said...

Hey Jessie,
How are you guys? I just stumbled on an awesome site thanks to you..
Jaime cooks it up.. What yumminess. Love ya! Jess