To Remember November (via iphone pics)

The month started out with a scrapbooking-filled weekend with friends at a hotel.
I stared at my computer screen for almost 24 hours straight, but I got a lot done.

This little lady follows me around the house.
This day she was carrying a stool in one hand and a book in the other.
Every time I stopped to do something she would put down her stool and sit to read her book.
Man, I love her.

The hubby took me on a much needed date night.
He was working late and invited me to free, yummy sushi by his work.
I followed the sushi up with some new boots...
Preston loved the sushi, but not the boots (he can't get past the "over the jeans" concept).

I went on a sisters night with my sister-in-laws.
Treats and good conversation are always involved.

Our date night with the Bostons always ends with Gourmandise.
How do you ever decide between all of these desserts?

My ex-visiting teacher (sad!) made bread with me.
She made it perfectly, and I hope to do the same one day.

I ordered organic chicken through a friend from a local farm...
I trimmed and froze 100 pounds! Needless to say, my kitchen was a mess and we went out for dinner that night.

We visited the zoo with friends over Thanksgiving break...
It called for a train and carousel ride.
Riding the zebra made Stella's day...

My lil' turkeys...

Black Friday Team= a shopping success!
We hit the stores from 10pm until 3am!!!
I even saw a cat fight, complete with a 60 year old woman throwing elbows!

Park Play, the day after Thanksgiving.
It was unseasonably warm and Henry wanted to learn how to hang upside down from the Monkey Bars.
I should've got a picture of Preston showing him how!

Off on our tree hunt...

The month ended with me spotting a black mouse in our basement.
I am deathly afraid of mice. I've been known to move out of houses because of them.
I freaked out and wouldn't go in the basement.
Henry set up this "trap" to keep the mouse downstairs.

It's been a good month (especially after we caught the mouse)!
Bring on December!!!


Megan said...

Seriously love your family!

Niederfam said...

LOVE it, all of it, but I REALLY love the boots. Oh and the bread looks fantastic, as did the dessert counter. YUM.