Pictures with Personality

We got our family pictures back from Jeni, and we couldn't believe what we thought was a total flop turned out to be perfect!
No, none of us are perfectly smiling at the camera all in one shot, but they truly capture the personalities of our children, so i'm in love!
We went for the more candid shots when Stella wouldn't have anything to do with sitting still.
Besides, sitting still and smiling is boring, right?

Can't you tell that James adores his sister? He's staring at her smiling in 2 of the photos!
Can't you tell that Stella just wanted to run and play...and she gets afraid of being separated from her mommy?
Can't you tell that Henry was a great listener and tried to "smile" for the camera?
I can....and I love it.
Thank you, Jeni!

{I'll post more in more detail later, but I didn't want to spoil our Christmas cards!}

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Keely said...

love the new blog header with updated pics, loving those chevron stripes too!