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{Bed time books tonight}

Henry is learning soooo much in school.
I'm so proud of him and so thankful for his teacher!
He started off the year knowing some words from memorization,
but now he can read amazingly well and conquers most words he can sound out.
It makes bedtime stories a lot more fun...
to see my 3 kiddos piled up on one chair, listening to their brother read.
Tonight he read "Are you my mother?" without a glitch.

Henry also got a turn with Little Piggy, the classroom stuffed pig, last night.
He came home from school with him in his backpack with instructions to write 4 good sentences about Little Piggy's time at our house.
Let's just say Little Piggy was a little stinky for our house, so the first thing we did was gave him a good washing in the washing machine.
I'm thinking that piggy has collected quite the germs in about 15 first graders' hands and houses.

Here's the cute story he wrote...

Little pig got a wash, and he busted my house.
LIttle pig played on the computer.
He played friv.
Little pig ate a treat.

When Allie visited last night, Henry had to show her Little Piggy and his story.
She said, "THAT is the cutest spelling of treat I've ever seen".
Chrete= Treat.

Pretty dang cute.
And, he's getting pretty dang smart.
Way to learn, Henry!


Mandy said...

So glad to know you had pig last night and that he had a bath.... We had him tonight! ;)

Janelle said...

That is so funny! I bet that pig was one stinky piggy! I am glad you have him a good wash! Way to go Henry!