i'm grateful for my hoodlums

This mommy stuff is hard work....have you heard that from me enough yet?

I was listening to a book on CD called, "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson,
and one of the final lines of the book is something along the lines of...
"When you and your spouse are old and lying in bed,
your happiness will be directly proportional to how well you taught & raised your children".

WOW! Those are some strong words.

I know I'm lucky to have 3 crazy, happy spirits in my home.


Now if I can just get my act together and plan for my future happiness.

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chris w said...

I'm pretty sure you are going to be very happy. I'm always so impressed with what you guys are reading/listening to about parenting.

He missed one thing: How much joy we get right now (in between the moments of pure frustration or guilt) - nothing like it. :)