scoutin' it out

Preston is in the stake young men's presidency and does a ton with the Scouts.
He was a little too excited about getting his own uniform to wear to the meetings.
It was the talk of our house for a few weeks...
which one should he buy?
what badges did he need?
when would he be able to go?

He finally made it to the scout store and can now sport his own uni.
Just before this photo he said, "You aren't allowed to make fun of the Scouting Program on your blog".
All joking aside, he looks great in his Scout gear.
Way to Be Prepared, Babe!


katieandkelly said...

I've always been freaked out by grown men in scout uniforms. Sorry, Preston!

Megan said...

You tell him he looks HOT in his scouting gear! Ow ow!!