My baby celebrated her half birthday yesterday!
She's officially 18 months!!!
This means she's closer to 2 than to 1, AND that she's of nursery age.
I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I still have vivid memories of her birth and newbie days.

At 18 months Stella....
- wants to be outside at ALL times.
- is a total Daddy's girl and yells "Dada" constantly.
- craves "canny" (candy).
- has a shoe fetish & tries everyone's on.
- loves books and screams to take them with her wherever she goes.
- enjoys tractor rides with James every day.
- copies me at everything I do & attempts to clean things.
- has too many words to type down.
- dances the instant she hears music (looks more like a bobbly head dance).
- hates to have her hair done and pulls out her ponies.
- colors.
- squeals at the site of a dog then cries in fear when they get too close.
- mimics animal sounds.
- wants to go on walks on her trike every time we go outside.
- loves her brothers & her friends.
- sits on the couch for shows but jumps up after 2 minutes.
- yells out "baby" whenever she sees a doll, baby or small animal.

She's the sweetest thing this side of the Mississippi!


Janelle said...

She is absolutely the cutest little girl! We love her! Happy half birthday Stella!

Niederfam said...

Happy HALF little Stella. What a cutie.