the bear necessities

{Lund Family, 2012, Boardwalk @ WDW}

Who says Disney is just for kids?
Just finished up a 5 day trip to Disneyworld with the adult Lunds,
and we had a great time!
...sleeping in, running, eating, hanging out, exploring, people watching and laughing.

I love my sisters and miss them everyday.
Angie is the oldest...the responsible one that keeps us all on track & keeps the peace.
Tia is next....the boss that makes big decisions with the quick wit that keeps us laughing.
Keely is just older than me....the easy-going, spacey one, that lives minute to minute by the beat of her own drum.
Then me....the baby, who got all the leftovers (short, chunky, bad eyes, impatience, OCD).
Okay, not really, I like to think I have good hair, pristine organization and a stellar immune system.

And we couldn't have gotten so lucky to be so good-looking and well-rounded without the 2 greatest parents.
Including, this cute old man that celebrated his 63rd birthday as we crossed the finish line at the Wine and Dine.

He's got the energy of a 20-something and his counterpart has the spunk of a teenager.
We all got lucky.
With them, I can accomplish everything.
They are my bear necessities.
And made it so that I now count 4 more treasures as my bear necessities.

This trip blew right on by (too fast) and blew my expectations out of the water.

But, I'm hoping there are many more to come with this bunch.
Love you guys!


Keely said...

okay tell me if I got this right,
Tia- smart
Me-selfish airhead
You- meticulous, creative and organized (my description for you:)
P.S. can I change mine, I don't like it:)

katieandkelly said...

Now, you don't give yourself enough credit! Keely is right, you got the creative gene, for sure. And you were the FUN one that everyone always wanted to be around!

Love, love, love your family. I have such fond memories with all of them.

Jessie said...

Keely- you got it wrong. You forget to add that you are athletic, can dance, helpful, give good advice, do everyone's hair, adore your children so much you bring them with you or call them everyday....remember?

Katie- Thanks. You're sweet! You need to come hang out with us again.