Happy Birthday, Janeen!

My mother-in-law, Janeen, is 62 today!
We journeyed out to Tooele to pay her a visit and celebrate the year she begins getting a Social Security check!

I love many things about my mother-in-law, but one of those things is her love for food.
As in, she could talk about it, cook it and enjoy it 24 hours a day, just like me!
She's my kind of gal!
Plus, she is one of the best cooks I know. Dinner at her house is always a delight!
She is a Master Gardener and the Herb Lady. If I have a food question, I know who to call!

Lots of people love her....can you tell?

She and her friends have a tradition of meeting at La Frontera every Thursday for the lunch special.
Now that is a tradition I want one day when the kids are grown!
It made it easy for Janelle and I to drive from Layton and partake in the Thursday lunch bunch.

Plus, my older 2 were at school, so I only had to entertain the pony-tailed, raisin lover...

She asked and she received...
Since Janeen is such a great cook she makes homemade tortillas. This is a press to make them perfect.

It was a perfect lunch date with a perfect lady!
Happy #62, Janeen!
Can't wait to try out those tortillas!

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Arianne said...

should have stopped by to say hi!! :) My bishop and his wife go every thursday there too!!