Fun Run

Henry's school had their first fun run this week.
I don't think he had any idea what he was in store for.
We tried to explain on the way over that it was a one mile race, but you don't really sign up to win it.
Our message was basically "Run. Have fun. Do your best".

After getting all checked in, he posed with his bib...

Then he was off to the start line with the rest of the school...

We saw him run off into the sunset and waited near the finish line for him to cross.
Here he is at about 9/10's of a mile, just walking and chatting with a friend...

Until Dad yelled, "Henry, RUN!"...

And off he ran again...

To the finish line...

They had them sign their place on a sheet of paper under their grade, and Henry said he got 14th.
I was actually very impressed, considering he's never really "ran" before.
I could tell by his time and by the redness in his face he ran most of the way.
He made us proud.
And I think Stella was happy for him too.

"Fun" and "Run" don't usually go in the same category for us Ponds,
but I think this cute little kids race changed our minds.

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