A poem from my dad...

I just got this email from my dad that I had to share.

It's titled "Wine and Dine" (the half marathon we are running in October)

It's gettin close
To have some fun
At Disneyworld
Where we will run
May not win
Won't even place
But hope to at least to finish the race
We will spend lots of dough
What the heck its Orlando!!!
While runnin lots of sights we will see
Let's pray one is not Casey Anthony!!!!

He attached this picture from our last race...

He's a hoot and I love him!

47 days until the race!

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Niederfam said...

OMGOSH, that is TOO funny. He is a riot. I love him already and don't even know him. HOW FUN. What a great experience to have with family. Hope it comes before you know it.

SO fun to actually SEE you the other day too. You are just as nice and beautiful as I remember. :) Your kiddos are just as darling in person as they are in photos too.