Alive at 65!

We celebrated Preston's Dad's Birthday over the weekend!
Nick turned 65 and he always jokes that he's glad he made it another year past his dad.
It also would have been his parents 70th wedding anniversary, so they had a huge Pond Reunion.

We wished him a happy birthday at Grandma Pond's favorite joint, Leatherby's.
It's also become everyone else's favorite now. She's passed on the love for good, homemade ice cream.
It was Preston's grandpa (or maybe great grandpa) that always said,
"It doesn't matter what's for dessert, as long as it's ice cream".

We got Nick some new cologne. He's telling Henry "thanks" in this picture.

Janeen looks pretty thankful too...

We followed up the ice cream sundaes and cheese fries tradition
with swimming with the extended Ponds at an indoor recreation center pool.

Happy Birthday, Nick!
You're alive at 65, and we're very happy about that!

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