sink or swim

A few weeks ago my kids took private swimming lessons.
I was so excited to find someone that came highly recommended that taught in their home pool.
Henry has loved group lessons in the past but I was ready to get some one-on-one attention.
With my fear of water I'm anxious to get my kids swimming by themselves.

Henry was super excited and was a great student! He jumped right in from the get-go
and learned how to kick his legs, hold his breath, jump off the diving board and got comfortable with a few strokes.
{Henry and James back floating}

James, on the other hand, cried and cried and cried.
His teacher, Jessica, was training him in survival skills if he were to fall in the water.
He liked it a bit the first day, but after the first-day excitement wore off he hated it.
I'm sure getting dunked over and over again wouldn't be fun for any 3 year old.
From the second he got in the pool he would ask "how many more minutes?", "can I be done?",
and would yell, "I want my Mommy!". Jessica was great and just kept going with the lesson.
By the final day when Preston came to watch, James finally snapped out of it and worked hard.
I think more than swimming skills he learned that he can't just give up.
{Stella -and her stinkface- back floating}

Stella cried, but we expected that. She was also in survival skills training.
I knew she was scared and sad and wanted me, but I knew it was more important for
her to learn how to save herself if by some accident she fell into the water.
She did amazing! I was freaked out at first watching her struggling in the water,
but by the end I was in awe at how much she learned and the fact that she could do it!
Here she is on the last day...

Even with all of the tears involved, I think it was worth it & my kids will be swimmers in no time!


Keely said...

looks like she is better than her Grandma Susie already!

Jennifer Woodbury said...

Wow, that's amazing!

pamela said...

we're all gathered around the computer laughing in total amazement at this BABY swimming!! i'm sold on this jess, it's amazing.