pedal pusher

James has loved trying to ride Henry's bike for quite some time now,
so a few weeks ago we buckled and took him to Toys R Us to pick out his own ride.
His first choice was Diego, but I talked him into a tougher-looking Mater.
He begged Preston to put it together from the second we pulled into the garage.
And the second Preston finished putting it together, James had his helmet on and was ready to go!
{Watch out, Stella!}

He was beaming with pride that he now owned his own bike,
not even a hand-me-down from his older brother. What a treat!
Too bad that older brother doesn't wait for him! Can you spot him in the distance?

He has an agreement with Daddy to practice riding his bike for 15 minutes everyday.
He's a pretty brave second-child, so I think he's going to pick up on it just fine.
He may even pass up that older-brother-who-still-has-training-wheels one day soon!

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