fat and happy

It's rare for Preston and I to get away for more than a day without our kids.
6 days seemed like forever to be away from them, yet they flew by sooooo fast.
I honestly woke up thinking about all of the things I wanted to do, and the next thing I knew it was bedtime. That doesn't happen very often as a mother.
I guess that's what happens when you only have to feed, bathe and care for yourself.

We had the best time with our good friends, The Posts.
Audra and I were best friends in high school when we played softball together.
We were inseparable all summer long, traveling with our team & being silly teenagers.
Nic & Audra met in high school, just like Preston and I. The same high school even! Go Huskies!
Friends with history make the best of friends...they truly know us and love us for who we are.
You know someone is a real friend when they don't mind your hair looking like this...
{Audra and I, 1995}

Our big plans were supposed to be to mark another baseball game off our list,
but when we looked for airfare to Boston or Philly, it was over $500 a ticket.
The budget forced us to stay closer to home, but I think we didn't lose out on any fun.
We were able to relax, fly by the seat of our pants and just enjoy the days at our own pace.

Most of our pictures are of food because if you know me, you know I like to eat
and every getaway includes an "idinnerary".

On Friday night we kicked off our vacation at the Painted Pony.
Amazing food. Superior plating. Pretty pricey.
We couldn't say enough about the Beet & Goat Cheese Salad & the Beef Tenderloin.
And if you are with the Posts you NEVER miss dessert, so we had to go for a lava cake too.

Saturday was filled with food and hiking.
{Cupcakes at 25 Main}

I have been to St. George numerous times and have never been to Snow Canyon State Park.
It was beautiful! HOT, but the views were amazing. I think it was 107 degrees this day.

We hiked about a mile in on the Butterfly Trail and arrived at the lava tubes.
It was a gigantic hole in the ground that you could climb into like a cave.
It went from 107 to about 65 degrees...it felt so good in there!
We hung out there for quite a bit and even challenged each other to a throwing contest.
Preston won. See his rock flying out of the lava tube?

On our drive back we had to stop at The Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort.
I was this.close to checking in.

On Sunday we went to a local ward for Sacrament meeting
and then hung out at the Casita at the Inn at Entrada.
Our "little house" was amazing! It was a 2 bedroom suite with 2 masters.
I was expecting a hotel out of "the inn" but this was it's own gated community
with a golf course, country club, pool, spa, tennis courts and 26 little houses.
It's where High School Musical 2 was filmed, and we wondered if Zac slept in our bed!
{our casita}

The whole back of the house was windows that were covered with a shade.
You could walk in, press the "welcome" button and lights would turn on and the shades would rise.
It was definitely a "smart house". I loved pushing the "good night" button next to my bed
that would turn off all of the lights, the fireplace and the fan before closing my eyes.
I was wishing for a "wash my face and brush my teeth" button.
{the shaded windows}

{the view from our back porch}
Frogs, bunnies, abandoned golf balls and bugs were found everywhere surrounding us.

Nic and Audra made homemade pizza to eat on our back porch on Sunday night.
We played our fair share of "the celebrity game" and were treated to Preston's lava cake.

Monday was nonstop action. Audra and I woke up early to go running and get a pedicure.
The boys were up at the same time as us to go mountain biking.
After our royal treatment and the boys beating (they weren't in their best biking shape),
we met at the pool for a swim. It was complete with a chicken fight. We lost.
We were told all about the piano pool scene from HSM2 by our esthetician.

That afternoon we had some amazing Mediterranean food at Basilia's.
Homemade hummus. Cheese on Fire ("Oppa"!). Gyros.

That was followed up with bowling (where the Posts won Diet Coke on us),
an air hockey tournament (where Preston came out victorious),
go kart rides (and no, we were not scalped)
and a crazy visit to Antigravity....a warehouse of wall to wall trampolines.

On Tuesday we visited the St. George Temple. It was beautiful and refreshing!

We shopped and rested.
Our big finale was Benja Thai (the best Curry!) and the Grease production at Tuacahn.
It didn't blow me away, but it was entertaining.
And can I just say that I hope my daughter never follows in the footsteps of Sandra Dee?
I watched that show a million times as a child and now it just bugs me that she decides
to get all gussied up and lower her standards for a boy. Sorry, I'm done ranting.
The music was good and the setting at the red rock theater of Tuacahn is even better!

We hit the Egg and I on our way out on Wednesday morning
and headed home to our babies.
I missed them greatly, but they were happy and healthy at home with their sweet aunt.
Thanks again, Nellie! We love you!

Last week I was an overworked Mom of 3 that needed a break.
Now I feel like a new woman.
Getting away with this man for 6 days brought me home renewed.

6 days of pure laughter does a body good.
Thanks, Nic & Audra! We can't wait until next time!
Let's shoot for Boston!
...or now that I'm 10 pounds heavier I'm thinking Fitness Ridge might be needed!


Niederfam said...

That looks and sounds DELIGHTFUL.

To answer your question. No, we went to Europe with my parents and my brother and his wife. The six of us, but NO children. ;)

jodi said...

first off...I think you should reclaim that hairdo. I liked it. Secondly, Zac E. probably did more than sleep in that bed.

I am envious of your getaway. It looked spectacular!