Pumpkin Party!

Pam already posted a detailed review of the first annual Fun Bunch Halloween Party, but I thought I would add my pictures of the event too. We all gathered at the Beaches for a night of fun!

First up was the "donut on a string" contest. Milli and Liam were posed and ready, while Henry and Lily were a little more hesitant. Liam was the official winner with 3 donuts down before the others finished one (can't you tell he took it very seriously by the mouthful below?). Henry struck a pose to show his excitement of getting lots of sugar and being with his friends. They all cheated and settled for handling the donuts with their little paws to get a better grip.Next up were the gunny sack races. Again, Milli and Liam (the older ones of the bunch) prevailed. Lily and Henry hardly know how to jump, let alone doing it inside of a pillowcase. They still enjoyed the showcase though.We finished up with pumpkin carving. None of the kids were very interested in the goop (except Liam), and resorted to watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". But, Preston, Pam, and Jeni did a great job of carving some fun creations!


Melinda said...

Looks like you guys had fun. It's good to see all your cute kids!! Sorry I won't be at breakfast tomorrow - you guys go WAY to early for me!!

roadrunner said...

Love all of your cute pictures!! Did you get the action to work, because the colors look really good!

pamo said...

those pictures are so cute. henry looks adorable! i have to say lily and henry definately caught on! the sack races? remember how happy hen was when he caught on? so cute. this was fun. i'm already elaborately planning next years.