ice cream addict

It's a Pond thing, honestly. Everyone in Preston's family is addicted to ice cream. No birthday, no family party, no celebration is complete without ice cream. I think Henry got those genes. It could be breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime, it doesn't matter and he goes to the freezer door and pleads for "akem" (which means ice cream in his world). I think he may be getting a double chin (or triple?) from his little addiction.


arianne said...

that picture is classic! :) I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Is he awake?

pamo said...

i think there are a few issues with this photo. for one, is he eating that ice cream on your leather couches? i mean, i know leather is easy to clean, but is this how you want to start off with those couches? sticky?

ok. i let my kids have ice cream for dinner last night.