the bun in the oven...

As many of you realized I wasn't announcing that my oven was dirty, but yes, we are indeed pregnant. I am due February 17, 2008, so I am 14 weeks along. All has gone perfectly so far....no sickness, no problems...it's been easy, and I pray it stays that way. I'm thinking that handling 2 kids will be enough work when this little one arrives, it would be great if it could go easy on me for the next 6 months.

Getting pregnant with Henry was a long process. It took us two years to just get pregnant, and almost 3 years to finally have him here with us. This time around was much easier on us. It just took a few rounds of the same meds (Clomid and Metformin) we used to conceive Henry. I was in shock that it happened so fast...I had prepared myself for another extended period of waiting. The only reason I even tested back in June was because I was supposed to be running 10 miles that night with Pam to prepare for our half marathon, and the thought crossed my mind that I possibly could be pregnant. I took the one test I had at home, and it seemed positive, light but positive. I had taken a digital one with Henry, and I loved that it was clear cut and read "pregnant" or "not pregnant", so Henry and I ran over to Walmart (I cringe at even admitting that), bought a digital test and went into the dirty Walmart bathroom to prove the previous test right (I'm way too impatient to wait until we got home to know...this was a life-changing event!!!). It came up "positive" right away, and Henry and I proceeded to Pam's house to tell her that I would not be running that night. Running and pregnancy don't mix for me....actually running doesn't mix with me, period. I hated ditching my running partner, and of course her hubby had to say, "I knew you'd get out of it one way or another" (with a smirk and a congratulations too), but I'd give up running (of course) for another little person any day!

So, that's that. Henry is going to be a big brother, and we couldn't be happier!


pamo said...

I'm laughing right now. The best part of the story is that you took the pregnancy test in the WalMart bathroom.

If you ever want to give running another shot, let me know.

Elle said...

I wish I would taken a picture, I took the same pregnancy test that says, "pregnant"!!!!! and your blog took me back to the excitement of that day!!! It's just not the same to take the pink line test.

I didn't take it in the CVS bathroom though. I waited till I got home. Maybe I'll try that if theres ever a next time.

Renee said...

I'm so excited for you...I understand all to well the length of time it can take for our little ones. I am glad that you didn't have to wait long...seriously though, you had me laughing with the walmart bathroom part! :)