I love kiddie foods!

When Milli and Liam came over bright and early this morning I couldn't help but get excited at the fact that I knew Milli would be requesting Ramen noodles and corn for lunch. She always does (along with candy...her mom "always lets her have candy with lunch", or so she says). I ate my Frosted Mini Wheats but was only half excited about those...breakfast doesn't do much for me.

After our late morning trip to the park (it felt like 150 degrees) and our stop to get me a giant Coke at McD's drive thru (you can't beat $.69), we headed home, ready for the Ramen. Can I tell you it was delicious? I know it's not nutritous, but it is amazing. Nothing tastes quite like it. It must be the perfect combination of salt and preservatives that make me love it so.
I have always had a secret love for kiddie foods. You can give me Spaghettios, Ramen, Chef Boyardee Raviolis, or Totino's pizza before a nice meal anyday. I'll take it AND love it. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood? It really helps that I have an almost 2 year old to enjoy it with now, but I feel guilty even allowing him to ingest it. Nienie would be so ashamed of me for this....but in my defense we did eat some fresh watermelon.

Thanks for joining us for our feast today, Milli and Liam! I got my secret fill of my favorite foods!


pamo said...

i'm loving this photo. turns out in order to get my kids to eat you need to offer them "kiddie foods". nie nie would be upset with you....but then again, how does nie nie get her kids to eat oatmeal and wheat toast?????

katieandkelly said...

Those foods always remind me of your house!

I love those foods too.

Nienie schmienie. That's all I have to say about that.

The Lamb Family said...

That is so hilarious!

The Lamb Family said...

That is so hilarious!