Why do they do this to me?

Remember how I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy now? Well, I did some searching this morning and Season 3 doesn't come out on DVD until SEPTEMBER!!!!!! Isn't that when Season 4 premiers? Why do they do this? How am I supposed to get caught up in time to watch the new shows?

I'm flustered! Isn't my life rough?


Anonymous said...


annek said...

Ohhhh...who's anonymous???
Well, I'm addicted to Grey's too! I can't wait for the new season to start!

arianne said...

I love Greys too! I was a little disapointed on how this last season ended! I am anxious to see how the new season begins.

roadrunner said...

My sisters got me hooked on Grey's last season. I had all of season 3 on our DVR and then it broke!! Sorry I can't help you out with that one!!