Back to life, back to reality.

Hello, hello! It's nice to be back! We still aren't home to Utah yet, but we are back to civilization. We just arrived back at my parent's house today from Branson, Missouri, where we had the Lund family reunion. It was good to see my dad's siblings and a few cousins and spend a full 10 days away from internet and my blogging addiction!

I have quite a few pictures to share, so I will break them up throughout this week. We mostly spent the time hanging out, playing cards, eating, sitting around the pool, and seeing a few shows. I also have a new addiction...Grey's Anatomy. I probably never should have gotten started with it, but people wouldn't stop talking about it, so I decided to see what all of the talk was about. I've now finished Season 1 and Season 2 in less than 2 weeks, and I'm hunting down Season 3 (is it even out yet?). Can you tell I'm liking it? I have to get caught up in time for Season 4 to start this fall! I honestly don't need another TV show to watch, but I may just have to prioritize a little better. I probably could live without a few of my reality TV shows.

Well, I'm off to try to stuff all of my belongings and Henry's back into 2 suitcases. It's tough to be gone for a month and not "acquire" a few things!

Oh, and guess what?...I met OPRAH in Branson, Missouri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pamo said...

what? oprah? i want to hear more about that. what was she doing there. i've never seen grey's anatomy.

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear the Oprah story! And I can't believe you're only now watching Grey's!!

katieandkelly said...

Oprah? Do tell!! What on earth was she doing in Branson, MO?

I can't believe you didn't watch Grey's before. It's only the BEST show on television! I was addicted after the first show!

annek said...

Wow...I'm impressed that you MET Oprah. So my question...are her eyes as baggy as they look on TV? Just wondering?
I love Grey's and am happy you are as addicted as I am. :)