It's true...I'm an addict!

Pam posted about being addicted to blogging, and I'm even more addicted than she is. I must have too much time on my hands!
68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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I'm actually impressed it's not more than 68% addicted. They forgot to add the question, "Do you get angered when people don't update their blog for 2 weeks?". That's what makes me obsessed....regular updaters....the others just make me frustrated for even clicking on them to begin with. Or what about those blogs that have been started and never updated?...or updated regularly then suddenly neglected for months? It infuriates me!


katieandkelly said...

Hey--I noticed one of your links (The Olsens) are moving to KC. I cannot comment on her site because I don't have the right account, but I wanted to offer any help or insight into the area. The best places to live, schools, etc. Can you give her my email if she would like any help? I'm sure there will be lots of "church folk" around here to help them, but I thought I would offer any assistance as well.

And yes, you are addicted to blogging and have me to thank for that!

Jessie said...

Yep! I will pass your info along to her!

And yes, I do blame YOU for my obsession!

arianne said...

i too am very addicted to blogging and also get frustrated when a blogging friend doesn't update their blog weekly or even daily!! what did we ever do without blogs, or email or IM? :)

The Lamb Family said...

Seriously, I've started this blog deal couple of days ago, and I can't stop. Very addicting, I tell ya...