I guess it's my turn.

Yes, I'm a nerdy blogger, and yes, I've been tagged. I would've ignored it and posted about something more exciting, but cleaning my house and hitting Costco aren't really picture worthy.

Here goes....

Jobs I've held...
1. Franklin Covey (secretarial)
2. Nanny
3. 4th and 5th grade teacher
4. Mom

Movies I can watch over and over...
---I really don't watch many movies, and I hate watching the same movie twice.

My Guilty Pleasures...
1. Coke
2. Shopping
3. Driving too fast
4. McD's

Places I've Lived...
1. Missouri
2. Kansas
3. Utah
4. California
5. Texas
6. Indiana

Shows I enjoy...
1. Grey's Anatomy (as you all know)
2. Live with Regis and Kelly
3. Extra! Extra!
4. anything reality....American Idol, Amazing Race, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser....and so on and so forth.

What were the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?...
1. Who is that?
2. Why is he standing on a raft?
3. He's cute.
4. He's tall and tan.

Places I have been on vacation...
1. Disneyworld, many a times!
2. Lots of baseball stadiums.
3. Mexico (if you can call Ensenada a vacation)
4. Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Kansas (if visiting family counts).
5. I really, really wish I could say Hawaii...I've been hinting that to my dear hubby for when our 10 year anny comes up!

Favorite foods...
1. Meat and potatoes
2. Top Ramen (or anything kiddy food-ish)
3. Thai Chicken Curry
4. Sandwiches

Websites I visit daily...
1. Blogs, lots and lots of them.
2. Yahoo mail
3. babynames.com
4. Mormon Mommy (an MSN group)

Body Parts I have injured...
1. Broke 2 of my fingers playing basketball.
2. Broke open my chin riding double on a bike down a huge hill.
3. Broke open my chin again driving a go-kart....flipped it.
4. Broke my big toe playing softball.

Awards I have won (what?!)...
1. I wrote a poem in elementary school that one me some award.
2. Student of the week (once a grade level).
3. Softball trophies.
4. Best mom (only one vote was placed).

Nicknames I've been called...
1. OCD (because I have tendencies)
2. J-Lo (by my hubby...maybe I have the butt?)
3. Tank (my dear parents love me, don't they?)
4. Tuff (another hubby one, but he has learning that I'm not so tough without my catcher's gear on).

Tag, you're it!
1. Pamela
2. Jeni
3. Allie
4. Katie

I know, you don't want to because it's lame...but do it anyway!

Who tagged me?
Reiko Lamb


Elle said...

Hawaii isn't very magical.

arianne said...

I LOVED HAWAII!!!! You do need to go there!

It was fun to learn more about you. :)

pamo said...

elle! hawaii is magical. anyhow jess. i guess i'll do it. but not now. now i have to go play princess matching.

i didn't see anywhere that your favorite color was stripes.