Why cook?

Okay, so I'm completely obsessed with eating out. I need to get over it for the sake of our budget and the size of my thighs. BUT, with all of these great establishments arriving in Utah it just makes me more and more addicted to the thrill of eating in someone else's space, bringing me Coke after Coke, having great conversation and NOT having to clean up any of the mess. A few years back my very favorite restaurant came to Utah....The Melting Pot....what an amazing concept for someone who loves to dip. I couldn't have asked for more, I can honestly say it's my VERY favorite meal ever! Then I was spoiled again when Chipotle made it's grand arrival...and of course I had to blog that life-changing event. Then, we got a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, which we enjoyed tonight with our great friends the Posts, in honor of Audra's birthday. Who could turn down the sizzling butter on a filet mignon? Listen to the sound....it makes your mouth water. And then IKEA came to town. Yes, their home furnishings are great, but their swedish meatballs are even more delectable. And lastly I have been told 3 times this past week about a new place in Orem called "Chadders" that is an exact clone of THE In and Out Burger! After spending some time in California and living off the place, I would love to be able to visit this mock burger joint on occasion! I hear it's an exact replica down to the fresh-never frozen-meat, handcut french fries, real ice cream shakes and general red and white decor. The 30 minute wait for "fast food" doesn't sound appealing, but maybe the rush will die down AND it's better than driving to Vegas or California to get a taste.

So many yummy places to eat these days...why cook? Instead of making menus and grocery lists I might as well make "idinnerarys" (aka dinner itinerary) as Preston calls them.


katieandkelly said...

I absolutely agree with you on this one! I get excited when a see a new restaurant going up and I think, "Ohhh, I wonder what it's going to be!"

Elle said...

All right, I would like to consider myself a real pro when it comes to eating out, because that is all we ever do as well. I have to agree with you on the Melting Pot, but Chipotle has got to go!!! Compare it to Cafe Rio and I feel it's a real dissapointment. I have tried the Ruths Chris in Salt Lake, and here in Vegas......very good.

pamo said...

so when are we going to the mock in -n out? you know that's my favorite burger ever! seriously? thursday? lets' talk.

elle, me and bryan liked chipotle! i felt like it was different from cafe rio!

Jessie said...

i see chipotle and cafe rio in 2 different categories. but i do admit that the pork from cafe rio cannot be topped!

you know me...i'm ready to go whenever!

annek said...

I love to hear the updates of new and exciting places in Salt Lake. Of course there is no such thing as a chain restaurant in Rawlins, except for McDonald's, so I just get to live vicariously through you. Just keep em' coming!!