simple pleasures...

My day today was just going "so-so"....It's Monday and I had grocery shopping to do. Plus, I was wearing my last pair of clean underwear, so it was time to do the laundry too. And, Henry still seemed a bit whiney and clingy....I'm thinking we may need to pay another visit to the Pediatrician tomorrow to check his ears. I'm just not sure the one round of Amoxycillin cleared up his double ear infection. So needless to say, my day needed some "warm fuzzies".

I packed Henry up in the car, backed out onto our snow-filled driveway (that also needed to be shoveled), and headed to Costco for some of our vital necessities (Who wants just one bag of cereal in a box?...why not 2?). That's when my day started to make a turn for the better.

Pam will barf at me even mentioning it, but I must. I love Costco's little cafe. They have some scrumptous food....pizza, chicken bake, churros, you name it!...but today I went for the hot dog and drink combo. Can you beat a buck 50? That was the first thing that made my day....a fulfilling lunch of dog and Coke. Oh, but it gets even better...much better!

We're walking out of Costco with our 48 pack of Ramen and humongous bag of frozen peas (and a few other bulk items), when I spotted just the thing I've been waiting months for..............a CHIPOTLE! I have been emailing them and begging them to come to Utah, and it's finally happening!!!! It's sad to say that food brings this much joy to me, but it does. This place has THE best burrito bol filled with everything you'd put in your burrito, but just lying there on a platter instead. That, accompanied with some chips, can put a smile on anyone's face. I'm sure it will be a month or two until it opens, but I can rest better just knowing it's on it's way! We got in the car, drove right over to the sign just to verify that I was truly recognizing the Chipotle sign from 50 yards away. Yep, it was true! There on the new little building was a sign that read "Burritofication in process" (you gotta love their wit too). I can't wait!

My next moment of pure joy came when I filled up our car for just $1.94 a gallon. Haven't seen gas prices that low in quite some time!

Then, another reason to celebrate occured.....we finally bought couches for our living room!!! We've lived in our new house for over a month, and we will no longer have to sit in rocking chairs to watch tv or to just hang out when they arrive next week!

Finally, the day ended with a few simple pleasures....

....watching Henry enjoy some brownie batter (I even had a little myself)!

Then, watching my boys read a story together before bedtime....

A Monday doesn't get much better than that does it? Oh, and I must add that the laundry is done as well! I'm calling it a day!


Anonymous said...

a few thoughts:
i love costco pizza. i think it's amazing.
are there eggs in that batter henry is eating?
as soon as chipotle has food lets go. i need a smile on my face

kristy said...

I loveee your new couches! And Henry's little face covered in brownie batter is adorable! :)

katieandkelly said...

I can't believe Utah doesn't have a Chipotle. That is just wrong! We have one on almost every corner here. And there is always a line out the door! You are right, the burrito bol is heaven.

Cute couches and cute kiddo too!