Henry and I are leaving in the morning for a month-long journey to Kansas, Chicago, Indiana, Detroit, and Branson, Missouri. It all starts with visiting my sisters, Keely and Angie, in Kansas. I am going to babysit Keely's little 10 week old Jude for 5 of the days while she goes away to Grand Cayman with her hubby. I will have my hands full with Henry too, but it will be fun. Then we head up to Chicago to see my parents. We will be visiting Preston on and off in Indiana while he's working there for a few weeks on a Frito Lay project (good thing it's only a few hours from my parents' house). Preston and I are then visiting a few ballparks while Henry stays with my parents. We're excited to get a few more knocked off of our long list of parks yet to visit! And lastly, we're going to Branson for the annual Lund family reunion!

I'm a little sad to be leaving my fun neighborhood (everyone is out and playing in the summer) and to be missing some Pond family events, but we should have fun on our long journey. Didn't I mention here before that I sleep better in hotels, and really enjoy eating out?

I will have internet at almost everywhere, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon!


Ryan said...

I hear there is an awesome AAA league ballpark in Memphis, TN. You might want to look into that.

pamo said...

have fun. we'll miss you. you may just come back and all your coke's will be gone....