We have only been in Kansas for 2 days now, and Henry just loves Baby Jude. Every time he sees him or hears him crying he calls "baby, baby, baby, baby" over and over again. Then he will go to him and say "Baby. I get it. Help.", which translates to mean, "There is a baby. I want to get it. Help me.". Then one of us adults will help him hold Baby Jude. Henry is so gentle with him, I'm really amazed. Most toddlers would squeeze a small baby or attempt to hit it. He just holds him perfectly soft and stares at him. What a sweet boy I have! And isn't Jude the cutest?


pamo said...

How cute! I'm missin' henry already!. Baby jude IS cute.

katieandkelly said...

So cute! See you next week!

arianne said...

that is so sweet! most boys are crazy around babies so that is really cute. your nephew is VERY cute I love the red hair!