Henry has THE best daddy!

It's Father's Day and we're away from Preston....he's doing work in Indiana and we're visiting family in Kansas (as I've already mentioned). It's too bad we couldn't make him breakfast in bed this morning and pamper him with lovin's all day long!!! But, he's probably enjoying sipping on an ice cold Coke and watching baseball while lying on the bed in his hotel room. We miss you, babe (who am I kidding?...he doesn't even read this blog!)

Here's a few reasons why I think Henry has the best daddy...

1- He is the most patient person I know (unlike his mother).
2- He's all about having fun with his little boy.
3- He encourages Henry to explore and get dirty from time to time (unlike his mother).
4- He knows that the most important thing is family.
5- He always tries to teach Henry what is right, even when it's not convenient.
6- He reads to him every night while sitting in a child-sized chair.
7- He jumps up in the middle of the night to run and check on Henry because "he thought he heard something".
8- He throws Henry on the bed and Henry can't stop laughing (even though mommy's scared he will break his neck one day).
9- He refuses to get a babysitter very often because he says he wants to take Henry everywhere we go because he likes spending time with him.
10- He gives Henry a bath every night and sings to him before going to bed.

Just so you don't think Preston is absolutely perfect a few of the neighbors have driven by and seen Henry playing in the street while Preston is doing yardwork in the backyard. We're working on that little downfall of his!

***sorry that the picture is old, but it's a favorite of mine.

Happy Father's Day!


pamo said...

ya, other than the whole street thing, he's a pretty great guy!

Elliott Ashlee and Gavin said...

Hey I ran into your blog and you do the cutest scrapbooks of your son! I love to scrapbook too, but do you do your scrapbooking on the computer, or do you scan those pages in?? I'm looking for an easier solution to scrapbooking! Pleas help! Thanks!!

B Beach said...

Hey, you copier! Oh I see, you're out doing my top 8 list by doing 10. Nice. Maybe you can get a photo of Pre-ton for Henry to stare at while he's away!

Pre-ton is a good dad, but he's even a better superhero, especially his indestructible hands and inability to feel pain.