Back in Bakersfield

Hello from a hotel in Bakersfield! Henry is napping away and Preston is working at the Dreyer's Ice Cream plant, and here I sit blogging and scrapbooking. It's actually been a pretty fun week thus far. We've hit the park (it's been 80 degrees here), In & Out Burger (among many other restaurants), My Gym, the local Target (of course!), and have Chuck E Cheese and the hotel swimming pool on our "to do" list! I may be a weirdo, but I honestly prefer sleeping in hotels and eating out every meal. I sleep heavenly in hotel beds....it sounds crazy, but I do. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm paranoid about someone breaking into our house and harming us....in a hotel you're in one room, locked up nice and tight, and you would hear if someone tried getting in that big door! I also enjoy falling asleep to the news or whatever else is on tv, and at home Preston doesn't allow a tv in our bedroom. Then, you all know that I love eating out....who wouldn't?....no planning, no cooking, and no cleaning up! Since adding a 1 year old to our joy of eating out, it has gotten a little bit more difficult. We went to Logan's Roadhouse last night and he drove his trucks on every surface available.....the bench at our booth, the table, the plates, etc. He even decided to haul his macaroni and cheese around in the bed of his Diego matchbox pick-up. Preston and I laughed at that one! Henry's actually been quite the trooper....he sleeps like a champ in his hotel crib and plays with the few toys that we brought him. The fact that our hotel tv has cable and he's able to watch the Backyardigans again has really made him happy! He's even tackling pink-eye at the moment! Poor kid!

You probably aren't very interested in my travelogue, so I'll stop now. We didn't bring our camera....I know, it's a miracle!.....but, it's big and bulky and we didn't want yet another carry-on. Plus, there isn't much in Bakersfield that is photo worthy!

I will share one of the pages that I finished during Henry's nap yesterday. It is from last weekend when we went to Liberty Park. Preston took the picture, and I loved it immediately!



kristy said...

im so jealous. i totally get you on the hotel scene. i just love staying in hotels. nice big dead bolt lock on there. lol

LOVE the LO. :)

Jennifer said...

Yep, I love hotels and eating out too! So much better than doing your own cooking in my opinion. The eating out situation doesn't get any better when they get to be 2 years old. Ella is such a terror in restaurants these days!

I absolutely adore that layout! One of my favorites from you!