scrap nap

I have been having my share of "scrap naps" lately. That is when Henry naps and I scrap the entire time. I honestly feel like it's the best use of my time. If I wasn't scrapping I would probably be watching some celebrity gossip show on tv (which I really don't need in my life) or cleaning (which I feel like I do PLENTY of!). I look forward to my 2 hours or so of solitude. This digital scrapbooking stuff sure is addicting! It's my favorite hobby as of late, and the one thing I do that tends to let the creative juices flow. So anyway, I was just going to share my latest pages. You can see them full size by clicking on the page.



kristy said...

im so jealous of all your scrap time. Em would NEVER nap long enough for me to finish a page! lol Keep 'em comin! :)

annek said...

These pages are great! I can't believe how fun digital scrapbooking looks. Thanks for sharing all your pages, it is inspiring to me!