car crazy

Henry is 19 months old today! I always swore I would no longer use the "___ months" once he was over a year old, but I continue to do it! Oh well! This was him all ready for church this morning!

And yes, he has a big scab under his nose from falling face first into the street a few days ago. He enjoys throwing balls into the street, but he has always stopped right when he gets to the small lip that separates our driveway from the street, turns around, and scoots backwards off of it (this gives me time to run after him). I know, it sounds silly, I think it may be a 3 inch step, but at least he's being careful. Well the other day he decided to walk right to the edge and bend forward a little (as if attempting to just walk off into the street), and instead fell forward right onto his face....he didn't even put his hands down to stop him! Silly kid!

His latest infatuation is with cars. He's always loved them, but lately it has become much more involved. It all started one Sunday a few weeks back when Henry turned on the TV (yes, he can do that and no, I don't like it) and flipped the channel to Nascar and began watching. He stood there for over 20 minutes (until a commercial came on), mesmerized by the speedy action.

Then last week when we went to Grandma and Grandpa Pond's house to celebrate St. Patrick's Day he played for over 2 hours with Matchbox cars. He was in his own little world zooming them up and down the lawn chairs outside.

I rushed off to Target on Monday to buy him some little cars he loved them so much!

Lastly, I rented the movie "Cars" over the weekend because I thought Henry might like it. Well, he does! He's watched it a few times already. He'll just sit in his Granny's rocking chair and take it all in. Yesterday I was cleaning and found him "watching" Cars....

Playing with and watching cars takes up every waking moment lately, and apparently he finds them pretty relaxing too....for those of you who know Henry well, he NEVER falls asleep unless he's in his crib or in his car seat. This was quite the sight!

Oh, and did you see his cute little flip flops? I couldn't pass them up at the Children's Place the other day. They were only $3.50 and I honestly thought he would never wear them (kids seem to have a hard time with them), but he played most of the day away in them. They look so adorable on his chubber feet! He's all ready for summer (and so am I)!

Off to watch Cars one more time with Henry before we have to take it back!....

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