The SCARIEST Easter bunny EVER!

Honestly!? Have you ever seen anything uglier? Yes, that is me with the big, bucky teeth, and Preston with the stretched-out eye. We have been trying out the "Photo Booth" on our new Mac, and it can do some crazy stuff! Right after we captured this photo I about died laughing and ended up in tears on the floor. I'm not sure if it was because it was so funny-looking and I was just laughing at myself (we all know it's healthy from time to time) or if I was so sad that I could look so incredibly disgusting! I have been told on many occasions that I resemble a bunny rabbit (no hard feelings taken, I can think of worse), and this picture confirms it! At least it was taken during the Easter season...we'll chalk this one up for being festive!

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pamo said...

isn't photobooth the best? you've got to show it to henry - he'll get addicted like my kids.