smallish friends

We had a fun bunch gathering out at the Boston's house this past weekend. Henry loves his little friends. He smiled as he drank from every one of their sippy cups, stole every one of their toys, and even hijacked Liam's goldfish. I guess that's just what toddler friends do because they all took their turns repeating the routine.

They sure are a cute bunch of kids!...And there's another on the way! Todd and Jeni are having a little boy in August that will join the clan! I told them they need to avoid the syllables that are common throughout these little ones.....Milli, Lily, Liam.....it's a tongue twister isn't it?....And then there's Henry.


pamo said...

now those are some cute small fries.

Laura said...

All those kiddos are so cute. Looks like a good time. :)