We've been robbed of Fall!

Preston had to go to Dallas for a few days for work, so I visited my parents and grandma in Chicago this weekend. It's less than a 3 hour drive from us....it will be a great place for a weekend get-away while we're here! Henry and I had a great time...my aunt and uncle were visiting from Missouri, and Henry was in heaven with everyone lovin' on him! Plus, we got our first SNOW!!!!! I can't believe it....it's way too early for that stuff! I never want to live in Bakersfield again, but man, I loved not having snow to deal with! For any of you that know me well, you know my biggest fear is driving in the snow (and mice)....I mean, even the tiniest bit of sleet makes me almost hyperventilate. It's just going to take some getting-used-to, living in the midst of the white stuff again. I'm dreading the days of braving the snowy roads, but excited to see Henry's reaction to snowmen, sledding, and snowcones! It's feeling like winter around here...but was there ever a fall? I think we went from 70 to 30 in a matter of a day....and all of the discount stores go from an aisle of halloween costumes to an aisle of Christmas stockings. What's this all about?

And on a side note, sorry I haven't had much by way of pictures to share lately. I'm on my laptop at Motel 6....but as soon as we get set up in our new apartment early this week, I will be sure to post a few!

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