the big 28!

Hello from Indiana! We just got in LATE tonight...we're on eastern time now...it's crazy! Tonight we're staying at a hotel until we find an apartment in these parts.

The trip has been just fine. I never thought 21 hours in a car with a 13 month old would be pleasant, but Henry did GREAT! He was a real trooper and never even cried! He played with toys, stared out the window at all the trucks, babbled at us, ate some snacks, and watched the Backyardigans on daddy's laptop. We stopped quite a few times to let him walk around and let out some energy. He's starting to get more and more brave taking steps on his own!

I turned the big 28 today....I'm feeling pretty old. Too bad I spend it in the car...but there was a highlight.....eating at the Machine Shed in Davenport, Iowa! They have THE best food, straight from the farm....nothing like homemade pot roast!

Well, it's almost midnight here, and the hunt is on tomorrow morning for a place to live, so I'll have to post more later!



pamo said...

happy birthday. sorry you spent it in a car, but i'm sure prest will make up for it. we miss you guys!

annek said...

Happy late birthday! Sorry about the car, but great food is nothing to complain about!! Wow...I am right on your heels. 28 is only a few days away for me, don't we sound old?
I'm glad your back on!! I can't wait for more posts!

The Pecks said...

Jessie- Happy Late Birthday! I tried to call you back the other day to talk about the big day, but couldn't get you. Sounds like you have a great attitude for 28 years old!

Anonymous said...

Older years
lessen the fears
make wiser tears
and means shiftin' gears.