Let the MAGIC begin!

This summer my scrapbooking really came to a halt.
I was taking pictures like crazy but not doing anything with them.
I had been on such a good run of keeping the memories fresh by getting them written down right away, but I fell off the wagon.
Of course I had my handy smart phone and Instagram to keep track of the memories and blog about,
but then this past week my phone will no longer connect with my computer.
It's a great time for the iphone6 to come out!  My iphone4 has lasted me 3 years but it's time for an upgrade!

Well, now that we are back to routine and I have time to sit down and work on it,
it's time to document our summer.  It really was a great one.  My kids are wonderful ages, where they love life and still find everything exciting but are independent and witty. 
This time of life is great for us.

I sat down today and started scrapbooking our Disneyworld trip.
It was hard to get started again, but also really sad to sit down and reminisce.
That trip was magical for Stella and I.  It was great alone time and an amazing time with my sister and her fun family, as well as my parents.  I will forever remember this vacation as a favorite...probably because I never imagined it possible...and it happened!

I took a ton of pictures there, of course, so here is just Day 1 & Day 2!

More to come soon!

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