Plan B 4th of July

For the past 5 years we have had the tradition of going to Sil's Cafe at 7am on the morning of the fourth of July, and following it up with the Kaysville Parade at 11am.
Well, we woke everyone up early this morning to meet the Ayalas at Sil's and they were CLOSED!
I guess they wanted to celebrate too.
So we headed to Moon Dog's Cafe for breakfast, where we got similar food- omelets and scones and chocolate chip pancakes.  But, the service was so much better and there was hardly anyone there!
It was a win/win.  We also decided to change up our parade plans.  We've disliked the Kaysville Parade ever since we started going but just never knew what else to do- well, we hit the Centerville Parade...and let me tell you, we will be doing that again.  We pulled up at 8:45, parked on the street, walked a couple blocks, and set up our chairs right on the parade route.  There was the nicest cop who talked to the kids and even gave them a tour of his police car.  The parade promptly started at 9am, while it wasn't scorching hot outside.  We got to see Old Glory, honor those serving in the military, see actual parade floats, catch candy and otter pops, and were packing up our stuff before 11am.  One stop at 7-11 for Slurpees and we were home and resting up for our evening festivities. 

Now I just need to shout on top of my coffee table the words to "I'm Proud to be an American" and my 4th of July 2014 will be complete!

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