Mountain Hikers

We live in Utah and feel like we don't make it into the mountains very often.
So this summer the kids and I are hoping to go on a hike each week.
They love to explore and it's good exercise and fresh air for us all.

We started last Friday with the Waterfall Canyon Hike near Ogden, not too far from our house.
Janelle insisted it was "easy" even though my hiking book listed it as "strenous".
I would call it "moderate" due to lots of steep and rocky terrain that we literally had to climb up.
The kids, honestly, did not complain for any of the 3 miles.  They were super hikers!
And we couldn't beat the big reward at the end....the beautiful waterfall and amazing view of the Ogden Valley.

Today we met up with the Beaches to hike to Lake Mary near Brighton Resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was a blast from the past since I remember frequenting this area as a teenager.
But, we got stopped by SNOW!  We didn't make it to Lake Mary but we were able to head to Silver Lake nearby and walk around the easy-going boardwalk.  It was a beautiful day in the mountains!

We hope to keep the tradition going and see a lot more of the mountains this summer!

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