{Instagram 2014: Week 23}

 {We were blown away by Dad's molten chocolate lava cakes & homemade cherry chocolate ice cream!}

 {We attempted to hike Lake Mary but we hit SNOW, so we headed to the boardwalk of Silver Lake instead.}

 {We spent hours out in the sun today- swimming lessons, arts in the park, cherry hill and back to back baseball games.  It was a perfect day!  I love to watch my kids play!}

 {James downed a few chicken kabobs for dinner tonight and exclaimed, "These are soooo good but I don't like the grass".  That would be rosemary, son.  They are sooo good.  Recipe here.}

 {2 outs. No one on. Bottom of the 3rd.  Tie game.  James gets a base hit & his teammate hits  him in to score the winning run of the championship game!  We were so proud of our MVP!}

 {My view hiking in Farmington Canyon....kids, kids and more kids!}

{Celebrated great dads, good friends and the beautiful weather in the mountains over Father's Day weekend.}

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