"Walkin" around the Christmas Tree...

Our Saturday night included a visit to see this not-so-old man!
He had knee replacement surgery on Monday and is rocking the walker!
It was nice to have him close to us at the rehabilitation center- if only Grandma and Grandpa lived in Bountiful!

After our visit, we dined at Pei Wei and discussed the details of knee replacement surgery.
The boys were full of questions.  Stella just thought they cut his knee with a knife- a minor scratch, no big deal.  James wondered what they did with Grandpa's old knee.  Preston said they burned it and I voted that they bottled it up and stored it on a shelf.  I thought that's what I read in this book, but I could be wrong...I have a short, short term memory...and it's been a long, long time since I read it.  
My kids are full of questions lately.  Full of them. 
 I'm starting to feel really dumb around here... and old.  
At the rate time is flying, I will be using a walker in no time!

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