A trip for two!

Preston is a lover of soccer and especially of Real Salt Lake!
When they became the Western Conference Champs and we found out the game would be played in Kansas,
we planned and schemed and successfully scheduled a trip to go to the MLS Cup!
Thankfully, Janelle was available to watch (and spoil) our kids, so this was just a trip for 2!

I Instagrammed the 5 days away and wrote too-much-information on my scrapbook pages,
so I'm sure this is all old news to you guys but for documentation sake...

We truly had the time of our lives!  So many times I wanted to bag it and not go (especially after the ticket fiasco), but I'm so glad we went!  After our crazy year of health issues, house issues and car issues, it was a welcomed retreat- full of fun, excitement and relaxation!  And, it was an added bonus to get to see my family over the holidays, which I wasn't planning on! Preston and I have never got so much quality time together as parents of 3! I think I'm a soccer convert now- that game was so darn intense and we were emotionally exhausted after the loss, but it was seriously so fun.  I'm so glad we were there to cheer on the team!

What a trip!  This may have to be tradition....I sure hope RSL plays in the cup again next year!

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